#MKEtoA3C Countdown Day 12 // MC(mikal) x Blax Drop ‘Lucid’

BLAX LUCID WEB ART feature image light-02

PRESENTING ‘LUCID’ BY BLAX DIRECTED BY MC(mikal)!    [Yes, I was just writing in the third person]


Hi, this is MC(mikal), in the first-person. My homie BLAX (AllHipHop.com deemed him one the “Top 50 Underground/Emerging Artists of 2013″) came through with a song and a camera, and blam! The track, LUCID is on Blax’s ARCHANGELS project and features dope production by the homie Reason 4AR. (And um, I also made the artwork above.) Watch the vid!


While we’re talking visuals, you should know that A3C not only has music, but also a dope line-up of films. Stay tuned to the #MKEtoA3C Countdown for my interview with Shomari Smith, director of the film Til Infinity, about Souls of Mischief. I saw it at the Milwaukee Film Festival last week and it will be screening at A3C on October 11th. Btw, it’s dope.

While you’re at A3C also be sure to check out Divided Time, by W. Feagins, Jr. A3C commissioned Feagins’ 2012 film ‘Change in the Game’ which you can watch here. (I’ll be speaking with W. Feagins, Jr. on the #MKEtoA3C Countdown, as well.) He’s also done a number of fresh music videos for the Atlanta hip-hop scene, including Fornication and Milanta by Collin Gibson. (Collin is from Milwaukee. In fact we recorded our first album together in 1999)

Guest Blogger: MC(mikal) is a rapper, filmmaker, writer, artist, Milwaukeean, and Harvard Graduate. Download his ep, MXMW, for free at www.MCmikal.com


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#MKEtoA3C performer, REGGIE BONDS announces upcoming collaboration with rising star MICK JENKINS

Reggie Bonds and Mic Jenkins
Simply put, REGGIE BONDS is dope. Several months back, his manager contacted me about booking Reggie for a show so I went onto his Soundcloud to check him out. After a couple minutes I downloaded his album and put it on my flashdrive so I could listen to it in the car. Keeping it trill, not many artists make it from Soundcloud to my flashdrive these days.

Chicago emcee, MICK JENKINS made a splash with his mixtape The Waters (yes that was a pun back there) and is on the radar as that dude to watch. People had been telling me about Mick Jenkins but I hadn’t yet checked him out (I’ve been on a producer kick, listening to cats like Da-P and Kaytranada). There was one track on Da-P’s Soundcloud featuring a rapper I didn’t know, but thought was dope and had been bumpin’ for a week or two. A couple days ago my producer, O-D, sent me a link to this Mick Jenkins cat. I clicked it and realized he was the dude I’d been listening to.

When you hear something without the influence of hype or opinions and you dig it, you know it’s good music. That’s how I encountered both of these gentleman and I’m looking forward to hearing their collaboration. The song is called OL’ DIRTY BASTARD, with production by Milwaukee’s Mike Regal, and drops on OCTOBER 9th (two days before the big show at A3C). For now, enjoy this dope artwork and some songs from Reggie Bonds and Mick Jenkins posted below.

I’m also posting a track by Vic Mensa, who is a featured artist at this year’s A3C. Why? Well, i’ll tell you why if you’d just give me a second to explain… Have you calmed down now? Okay. Mick Jenkins’ track The Waters is produced by Da-P & High Klassified who are both from Montreal. Mick Jenkins newer single, Rain, is produced by Kaytranada, who is also from Montreal. Vic Mensa’s new single, Wimme Now, is also produced by Kaytranada. So, both songs feature young emcees from Chicago and production based out of Montreal. And Vic Mensa is going to be performing at A3C and Reggie Bonds is as well. (Whatever, just listen to the songs, they’re dope. Bye)

Guest blogger, MC(mikal) is a rapper, filmmaker, writer, artist, Milwaukeean, and Harvard Graduate. Download his latest ep, MXMW, for free at www.MCmikal.com

#MKEtoA3C Countdown Day 13 // Unifi Records pt.2 ‘Mammyth’

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This is the 2nd installment of my multi-iphone-camera shoot with the artists at Unifi Records. Today we’re taking a look at a legendary prehistoric creature… the Man, the Myth, the MAMMYTH!

Mammyth will be rocking the turntables with label mates Dana Coppa & SPEAKEasy at the #MKEtoA3C show during this year’s A3C Festival in Atlanta. Hit up Apache Cafe, October 11th, 9pm-12am to catch Mammyth, Masta Ace and eMC, Pharoahe Monch, Mickey Factz, Signif, and more… For real tho.

In addition to spinning, Mammyth has produced, recorded, and mixed some of the dopest tracks by Dana Coppa & SPEAKEasy. Here’s one of my favorites. In his Remix to the song HOT Shots Part Deux, by Dana Coppa, Action Bronson, and Riff Raff, Mammyth manages to locate and accentuate a new, unexpected groove that compliments the trios unorthodox, splattered musings. He understands the rhythmic subtleties necessary to create a worthwhile remix… many producers don’t. All that is to say, it doesn’t take a paleontologist to tell what the (rap)lord had planned when he made this beast of beats. Watch the vid!

(Sidenote: Can someone please send me the stats on the percentage of paleontologists that listen to hip-hop. Use SurveryMonkey or something and get back to me, stat! My hypotheses is the number is higher than anyone ever imagined… Although, I may have been the first and only person to have imagined this number, until you just read this. Now you’re involved! It’s too late to turn back. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. I think that saying may be an ancient math joke from the time of the mastadons).

Speaking of mastadons, celebrity gossip columns (I’m assuming) are reporting that Mammyth and Mastadon have a shaky relationship. After visiting Mammyth’s studio I rented the room across the hall, grabbed an LLC right quick on Legal Vroooom and made official, with a permanent-marker sign affixed to the door with tape I borrowed from Mammyth, Mastadon Studios. He’ll get over it once he figures out how to stop me from steering his clients into my laboratory. I call it my lab-aural-tory, which keeps getting misconstrued. This whole red-light scene wasn’t really the goal. But hey lemons to lemonade. Gucci! (It seems MastaDon is also having issues with Masta Ace after creating the super-group eMCtwo/too.)

See you all at A3C. I, MC(mikal) from MilTown, will be hosting the #MKEtoA3C stage along with some special guests, so don’t be a lame, come through.

#MKEtoA3C Countdown Day 14 // MC(mikal) Provides The Quintessential A3C Playlist!

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TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?  Well, it’s a rhetorical question so you really don’t need to answer it and in fact it’s kind of annoying if you do.

TURN UP WITH WHAT?  Now that question, I can answer.

My hyper-responsive tympanic membranes, and I, are proudly resonating with pride-pulsations as we present this quintessential playlist…

#MKEtoA3C: MC(mikal)’s Featured Faves – The A3C website lists the kajillion Featured Performers they have scheduled to rock. My playlist gives you some hot joints from each of these artists to romance your ears with. Enjoy;)

If you don’t enjoy this playlist, which should carry you through the week, then maybe you can’t… meaning you may have anhedonia (a psychological condition characterized by inability to experience pleasure in normally pleasurable acts. This condition can be treated by a mental health specialist, so do not hesitate to seek help)… Or maybe you just didn’t press play and that’s why you’re not enjoying the playlist, in which case you should press play.

PS. I’ll be back soon with the #MKEtoA3C Playlist  so you can properly prepare yourself for what we’re fixing to throw down at Apache Cafe!!!


Guest blogger,  MC(mikal) is a rapper, filmmaker, writer, artist, Milwaukeean, and Harvard Graduate. Download his newest ep, MXMW, for free at www.MCmikal.com

#MKEtoA3C Countdown Day 15 // Unifi Records pt 1 “SPEAKEasy”

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‘Trenches’ is certainly an apt nickname for our post-industrial hometown, Milwaukee, WI. The  ILL Mil can be a difficult place to navigate and is fully adorned with lots of pot-holes to stall your progress. Taking ‘pot-holes’ in the literal sense, you could argue that most of our grounds are already broken (my suspension can attest to this) and that therefore SPEAK is just saying things as verbal exercise to keep speaking easy. But that’s just me being a facetious jackass with an expensive semantics fetish.

If your head isn’t stuck in the sand (although one may argue this would be an excellent vantage point for witnessing groundbreakings:) you gotta recognize SPEAKEasy and the Unifi Records squad. Rolling Stone has. And MTV too. And then MTV did again. And WC Tank, frequent collaborator of Hellfyre Club, shot a new joint for SPEAK. Trippy main.

I took hella iPhones and holsters to the Unifi Laboratory to say hello. Hello. Click the vid!

Guest blogger,  MC(mikal) is a rapper, filmmaker, writer, artist, Milwaukeean, and Harvard Graduate. Find him at www.MCmikal.com

#MKEtoA3C Countdown Day 16 // How We Do Thangs


Milwaukee?!? Where is that, Michigan? You guys have like cows and stuff?…”

These are some of the things ignoramuses say when we tell them where we’re from. No there aren’t cows in our metropolis. Milwaukee is the 31st most populous city in the US. To perspectivicate* this, Atlanta ranks 40th. Yes we like cheese, and yes many Milwaukeeans can drink more than is necessarily safe and still go to work in the morning.

But most fail to ask the pertinent questions like, “How come the old school Brewers colors are so dope?”

Or better yet, “Do you guys have, like, a hip-hop scene in Milwaukee?”

I tell em, like Mos told em, “We are Hip-Hop. Me, you, everybody. We are Hip-Hop. So Hip-Hop is goin where we’re goin.” Milwaukee is Hip-Hop, so click the video and see how we do things!

For a more in depth survey of the cogs and cognitions of Milwaukee, peep this. Also, I feel it would be uneven reporting if I didn’t mention our sporadic proclivity for ratchet-ness.

*The word ‘perspectivicate’ is a product of neology and means to provide perspective, to offer illumination. #MKEtoA3C


Guest blogger,  MC(mikal) is a rapper, filmmaker, writer, artist, Milwaukeean, and Harvard Graduate. Find him at www.MCmikal.com

#MKEtoA3C Countdown Day 17 // Moses

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Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax…

No one has more eloquently summarized the depth of the Jewish tradition than Walter Sobchak. He won’t roll on Shabbos and you know what … I’m not going to either.

Artists like Mike D, MC Paul Barman, and Shyne have worked to further enrich this legacy and now, thanks to the cyclical nature of history, Moses is too… again.

Click on the video and spend some time with Moses and I as we cover 8th grade fashion choices, superhuman women, and the upcoming #MKEtoA3C show in Atlanta.

Guest blogger,  MC(mikal) is a rapper, filmmaker, writer, artist, Milwaukeean, and Harvard Graduate. Find him at www.MCmikal.com


#MKEtoA3C 2014 Countdown!

Trampe edition MKEtoA3Cslider18

Milwaukee is Going Down… #MKEtoA3C

That’s right, we’re going down… cue Mary J.

I, MC Mikal, he whose upkeep keeps him coming-down, will be counting down, until it goes down, at which point we’ll all be turning up. So please be sure to keep up as I put you on the up-and-up.  Are you still down? Splendid.

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Marvelous Mags Digital Cassette Tape “Florida Orange Juice”

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 2.54.53 PM

Hearing bits of Dilla, J. Rawls and Nujabes on Florida Orange Juice, tells you what kind of emcee you’re dealing with. This is a product from the soul: the outcome of a genuine passion for hip hop music, bringing it back to the days of mixtapes and interludes.

Marvelous Mag: “the concept of the mixtape is to bring you back to the 90s era. To the original style of mixtapes, or when you’d pop the tape in and leave the tape playing all the way through. Nowadays I think we’ve totally gotten away from that and now artists release albums like they’re random mixtapes. The job of the mixtape is to let the listener hear a mixture of your sound, and what you can do with it, while making it interesting enough to keep their attention. That’s the reason why I made it sound like a radio show with drops and clips from movies; to keep you intrigued.”