Past To Present: Nicki Minaj’s Ass Through The Years


Nicki Minaj is one of the most talked about female Emcee’s in the history of Hip Hop, and she just gave us another reason to talk about her.

Today, Nicki released the artwork for her new single, “Anaconda”, and guess what it features?


This inspired us to take a look at Nicki’s ass through the years for ya know……Journalistic purposes. Check out these photos of Nicki’s ass from 2006 to 2014.

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Would You Wednesday: Elevator Ride With Solange For One Night With Beyonce


Last week on Wednesday the situation was one night with Blac Chyna but you have to listen to every Tyga song first (peep that here).

This week we are upping the stakes by offering you one night with Beyonce. Of course you have to earn that night so first you have to take an elevator ride with Solange.

Would you fight Solange in an elevator in Beyonce’s honor? Check out these pictures before you make your decision.  Continue reading