Majisty Says “Eminem Changed My Life”


Mike Trampe: What’s up Majisty? For those new to the name, let everyone know where you are from and what you do.

Majisty: What’s up everybody? I go by Majisty The Mastermind, Majisty for short because It’s easier to remember. I am from Boston Mass, born and raised and I am a Hip Hop/Rap artist on the rise.

Mike Trampe: When did you know you wanted to become an artist and make this your lifelong career?

Majisty: Age 4, my dad got me started with rapping because he was a singer. He was signed with a singing group out of Boston called The Superiors, they were signed to Columbia in I think the late 80’s but it didn’t work out. He had this tape recorder in my nana’s back room and told me and my Brother to freestyle, It wasn’t that good, I was rapping about cartoons and stuff but I was storytelling so I had something to build on. I started writing my own lyrics in the first grade because my dad started a little group with me, my brother and my older cousin. I’ve always had to push myself a little bit harder than everyone else because I’ve always been the under dog, but I’ve never failed to rise to and above everyone’s expectations of me. I’ve never had the highest self-esteem growing up but when it came to music I had this confidence I was never able to display outside of music and it was addicting. Music gave me confidence and purpose, I feel like I have a lot to say and the world should hear it.

Mike Trampe: Who are some of the emcees that have influenced your style as you create your own?

Majisty: First person I wouldn’t say is an emcee, he is an amazing lyricist. Baby face had a big impact on me because hearing him was the start of my addiction to deep stories and melody. Emcee wise it started with Tupac when my mom got me my first tape to go in my Walkman. I played that Tupac album everyday, both the A and B sides of the tape. Biggie influenced my style a lot with his poetic genius, Busta Rhymes with his creativity and his incredible control over his lyric patterns and rhythm. Any emcee growing up in the 90’s who tells you he wasn’t inspired my missy is a liar because she is just a monster. I can’t forget LL cool J, Fab, Jadakiss, Jay Z, Nas, Big Pun just a lot of artist. Most of all though, I’d have to say Eminem changed my life when I first heard ” Hi My Name Is “. I went to my cousin’s house and he had The Slim Shady LP and turned it on and Everything changed. I have every Eminem album that came out, listening to those albums got me through a lot in my life growing up.

Mike Trampe: You have a new single called ‘Lame N*ggaz’ produced by Magic Beats, whats the concept and why was it necessary to drop this as a first single?

Majisty: The concept behind the song is based around people trying to tear other people down because they are doing better in life. I remember Jay Z saying ” Jealousy is a female trait ” which I do agree with but it’s also deeper then that. I think the lamest thing anyone can do is drag someone’s name through the mud, or not be cool with them anymore because they are doing better than you. If anything, you should want to be closer with them to get tips on how you can become successful too, why hate on that person? that makes you look like a lame for that.That’s why I said ” Lame N*ggaz do lame sh*t, from another planet so they speak a different language. Everyday, 24 hours full of lame sh*t” because it’s true. I feel like it’s necessary to drop this as my first single because first and foremost it’s real and people can relate. Second, It’s definitely a catchy song that people would love to dance to at the club.

Mike Trampe: How do you plan on getting the word out there about the single?

Majisty: My first way is through this interview and PR push I’m doing with you guys, this is one of the best moves I’ve made in my young career so far. I say that because you provide a major platform for indie artist to get their exposure and buzz moving. so for any artist out there reading my interview, if you still haven’t made any moves yet you need to start with I standard. Secondly I’m reaching out to major DJ’s on Blaze Trak, I’m hitting Dj’s on twitter also and I’m finding radio stations that will give me either free rotation or they are within my spending range for rotation time. Radio and Djs are incredibly important for any artist, I don’t care if you
are signed or an indie artist, you really need both.

Mike Trampe: When it comes to being an artist do you feel you are better suited to go the indie route or try to find a record deal?

Majisty: Now this is a hard question because I have a pros and cons list for both sides. I would love to go Indie because of the freedom to do, record and promote what I want. I also don’t have to worry about any labels trying to screw me over if we have a disagreement, I don’t have to worry about getting shelved if the label isn’t feeling what I got and they have a new artist they want to focus on now. That’s all good but you don’t have the same connects labels have, you don’t have the same budget labels have and you just can’t promote as professionally as a label can. So right now it just all depends on what happens. If I’m going the Indie route and a label happens to offer me a deal I will def look into it, but I refuse to sign my life over for some money.My music means a lot to me and comes from a deep place, so everything would just have to line up right for me to sign with a label.

Mike Trampe: If you could describe your performance to a potential fan how would you put it into words?

Majisty: I’m going to assume by performance you mean live performance, so I would describe my performance in a few ways. I would tell a potential fan that when I get on stage I am not who I am off stage. What I mean by that is that I become the music that you’re hearing, Electrifying, exciting, breath-taking, superb, incredible, inspiring, energetic. I would tell them, when I perform I become an experience that you will not regret witnessing.I’m in no way saying that I’m not a great person to be around off stage, I’m not saying that I’m boring and un-inspiring off stage, I’m not saying that. It’s just that when I get on the stage it’s a whole different level of comfort, It’s special stuff.

Mike Trampe: Do you have any EP’s or additional projects we should look out for?

Majisty: I actually am working on my first EP which will turn into my first album. The EP/Album is going to be called Jigsaw and this album will pretty much showcase how diverse I am as an artist. I came up with the name Jigsaw to symbolize the diverse style that I have as an artist. Even though I have different styles of music, they all come together and make me who I am as an artist. I just want this album to have something for every type of hip hop fan. Got some trappy sounding stuff with my own spin to it, conscience hip hop with a 90’s feel, some stuff for the ladies and some inspirational hip hop. I just want to be able to connect with every generation of hip hop listener because I see no other artist doing that right now other then J Cole and Kendrick. They just have their own spin to it and that’s why I respect them so much, they’re leaders and not trying to follow the pack.

Mike Trampe: What do you want people to remember about Majisty once you leave the earth?

Majisty: When I leave this earth, I want people to remember that I’m a God-fearing individual first and foremost. Secondly that I am a man with morals and a man of great character. I live to inspire and uplift people who don’t know their true strength yet and I’m extremely driven. I’m humble and I’ve never shied away from hard work and never backed down from a challenge.I’m a perfectionist and I always evolved in route of becoming the greatest artist I can possibly become. I’m a family man with a great spirit, but when it came to performing and writing music I was one of the rare ones.


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The discussion on the net the last few days has been about the Meek Mill vs Drake feud, and if Drake uses “Ghostwriters.” The majority of the industry utilizes co-writers and depend on the belief that “Team work makes the dream work,” so what’s the big deal? Well, for hard-working lyricists and emcees, it can rub them the wrong way if you don’t write your own bars.

I had the pleasure to sit down and talk to Long Beach natives, Horseshoe Gang about this topic, plus about their new EP Knocking On Raps Door, which drops tomorrow. Not familiar? Well, do yourself a favor and check these guys out! Incredible lyricists, artists and cool guys overall.

I told you years ago about K-Dot a.k.a. Kendrick Lamar when I had the pleasure to work with him and TDE and you know the rest. I was an avid supporter of Mr. Probz and told you about him for the last 6 years, now he has one of the biggest remixed records of the last year, “Waves.” I will say this one time, don’t sleep on Horseshoe Gang and remember I told you first, these guys will blow up :)

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The Top 7 MC Sway & King Tech Songs

Sway Tech

Some of you may not know this, but Sway and King Tech of the Wake Up Show used to make music together. And they were DOPE!

Yes, this is the same Sway from Shade 45 and MTV. The man who Interviewed President Obama and was told by Kanye West that he “didn’t have the answers.” The same King Tech that helped break some of the biggest artists EVER! I respected these guys tremendously, and that was before I was blessed with the opportunity to work with them.

BUT….I’m not gonna front, I wasn’t too familiar with their music in the past, but after doing my research, I was blown away.

Over the years, but especially lately, I have been carefully watching how they interact with artists and it’s clear they genuinely care for them and the future of Hip Hop. After visiting Shade 45 for Sway In The Morning with South Philly emcee’s Blessa + Nico The Beast, it all made sense. Sway and King Tech are artists at heart, and want to extend the love and passion for Hip Hop that they have had their whole lives. They are a rare gem in a game and industry that is dark as coal.

So with that said, take a listen to 7 of their cuts that I personally dig. Peace!

*Not that these guys need validation from Mike Trampe, but I wanted to big em’ up anyway! 

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Skrewtape – “Verified” (Produced By Vanderslice)


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“Verified” is the lead off of Smuggle Rap which can be purchased here:

It’s a collection of drug infused street music, with a feel for the 1980’s. Boat chasing, night stalking, pimpin’, pandering, and more for your listening pleasure.

The visuals provided by Wayne Campbell, the music provided by Vanderslice & Green Steez, and more bars than you can wave a stick at from Skrewtape. You don’t want to miss “Verified.”

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Sequence 01.00_02_49_21.Still001

¥€$ (Akhen & Ab-Liva) release the first part of their series, MOVE, around the 30th Anniversary (May 13th) of the tragedy in Philadelphia amidst Protests of Police Brutality that echo the lack of change in violence we fell victim to in the 80s.

The series will follow Akhen as he rises from the Ashes of his West Philly neighborhood that was Bombed & left to burn.

He rises with Ab-Liva to work with artists like Pusha T & Malice. The film features them along with Philly natives like Gille Da Kid, Jahlil Beats, Spade-O, RediRoc & Garci.

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Im Lit cover Art

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Mahogany Beatz made hits for Dr.Dre “Bad Intentions”, Jay-Z “It’s Alright”, Jada Kiss “Show Discipline”, Big Pun “New York Giants”, MOP “Warriorz” and many more.

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WLPWR – Producing Yelawolf’s “Till its Gone” (The Werks Documentary)


Check out this exclusive look at the making of this hit record off Love Story! Get an in depth look at the WLPWR process, and see footage that you won’t get anywhere else. SupaHotBeats will be releasing more exclusive behind the scenes docs from the Love Story sessions as well as sessions with other dope artists that WLPWR has worked with recently! Enjoy this video and stay tuned for more!

WLPWR has produced for Eminem, Yelawolf, Royce Da 5’9, Wiz Khalifa & many more.

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