Miz MAF – “Act Right”


In the clip for the Philly MC’s latest banger, he drops words of wisdom for the younger generation to abide by, and he also provides a visual that was inspired by one of Ice Cube’s most iconic music videos.

About a month and a half after unveiling the video for “That White” featuring fellow Philadelphia rapper Freeway, Miz MAF returns with his latest banger, “Act Right.” Throughout the hypnotic track, produced by Mello Dee Beats, Double M uses his energetic pinpoint flow to masterfully emphasize the message of coming correct in the streets.

The MC accomplishes that with sharp, direct, and fairly-repetitive lines that’ll stay on the brain for days, like with the rhyme, “When you out there doin’ your thing, you better make sure you’re true to the game / ‘Cause when you’re out there fuckin’ the game up, the game gonna fuck up your name.”

As a product, and veteran, of the streets, Miz MAF feels its his responsibility to pass along these gems of knowledge.

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22 Dope Songs From New York Rappers


Yizo! So I put together another list tonight and wanted to share it with ya’ll. I have been listening to a lot of New York Hip Hop lately and figured i’d share a list of some stuff I have been listening to.

Now, I don’t claim to know every “dope” New York rap song, so forgive me if I didn’t include your favorite joint from 95 on my list, LOL. I know how people get with lists, so sound-off in the comment section and tell me what your favorite NY joints are.

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Kwan Lee Speaks On Being A Producer, Emcee & Videographer


MTTV: What up Kwan Lee? For those new to the name, where are you from and what do you do?

KL: I am Kwan Lee from Brooklyn, NY. I am an artist, producer, and videographer.

MTTV: When did you realize you wanted to pursue music as a career choice?

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Melody Joy Discusses Her Unique Look & Sound, Working With Taylor Gang


MTTV: For those new to the name, where are you from and what do you do?

MJ: I am Melody Joy…I am an Artist. I was born on Planet Puff. I then found my earth keepers & now I live in NYC (Queens) & Pittsburgh. I travel a lot. I song write, I sing… I spend most of my time in Studios..working with various producers & people on my Team. I am a bit of a nerd.. I spend most of my time in my bedroom… honing my craft…being my own vocal mentor…

MTTV: You have a very unique look and sound, what is your creative approach in regards to your style and musical components?

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Hugh Lee f. Ross David – “The Struggle”

Screen shot 2014-12-21 at 5.41.39 PM

Hugh Lee is an artist coming out of Chicago with a smooth soulful flow and sound. Check out the video for “The Struggle” featuring Ross David on the hook.
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Frenchie Ft B.o.B & Chanel West Coast – “Aint Goin Nowhere”

unnamed (2)

Frenchie from Brick Squad Monopoly (BSM) or better known as Wakka Flocka’s artist has been grinding for years. He is stepping out and stepping it up with this new video.

Frenchie has steady been releasing videos and songs for years, he’s on his way to the top. Check out the video for “Ain’t Goin Nowhere” featuring B.O.B and Chanel West Coast.
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KXNG CROOKED Reveals Who The Fifth Member Of Slaughterhouse Should Be


Most people know KXNG CROOKED as Crooked I, the former Death Row artist, incredible lyricist and part of the super-group, Slaughterhouse. But whether you want to call him Crooked I or KXNG CROOKED, his passion for hip-hop has not changed.

Crooked has a new project out (physical, no digital), was part of the #1 hip-hop album in the world and is preparing to launch one of the largest hip-hop contest reality shows ever, One Shot.

I had the pleasure to sit down and shoot the shit with the O.G. Let’s get into it.

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Devine Carama – “10 Blog Commandments”


I wrote an article years ago called the “10 Hip Hop Blog & Website Commandments” and have had a Google Alert set up for it since.

I received a notification today about this song and figured I’d check it out since I wrote an article with a very similar title. I was pleasantly surprised with the joint and his 10 commandments were pretty spot on. Delivery and cadence matched the lyrics, overall a solid record. He even knew my good friend, Praverb, who recently passed away at an early age.

Give the record a listen, it’s worth it.

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Lil Wayne Dissing Cash Money On Twitter


Looks like the Birdman Jr. is beefin with his pops, because Lil Wayne is sending shots at Cash Money about his album not being released.

It seems Wayne and Cash Money are having some problems over dropping Lil Tunechi’s new album “The Carter 5″. Check out inside the post to find out what Wayne is saying on Twitter.  Continue reading